Aggressive Prototyping


大学院まで建築・都市デザインを専攻し、デンマークの設計事務所(BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group)に勤務後、2010年からフリーランスとして活動。建築設計やビジュアライゼーション(3Dパース作成、リサーチなど)のクライアントワークを行いながら、自主提案や国内外のコンペを通して、地域の課題を解決するための様々な実験的なデザイン(自転車のシェアシステムからバイオマス発電所まで)を実践してきました。


Ken Aoki is Architect, Designer, Programmer and Entrepreneur based in Tokyo, Japan. With wide-ranging background and skill built on top of architectural design, he has been practicing experimental approaches for innovation through trial and error. He also works with clients as visualizing specialist in 3D modeling, 3D rendering and UIUX.

He was born and brought up in Shiga, Japan. After majoring in Architecture and Urban design at Yokohama National University and Y-GSA (Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture), he had worked at Bjarke Ingels Group called BIG in Copenhagen. In BIG, He mainly worked for competition projects all over the world, and absorbed the creative method to give architectural form to the ideas which don’t exist yet and make presentations with stories that make people involved into the future.

In order to deploy the method of BIG in Japan, he returned home in 2010 and started individual activities as a freelance. Beginning with an self-motivating proposal to solve and reveal urban problems of my hometown, through both domestic and international competitions —including some winning projects—, he has been practicing experimental approaches. Considering architectural design as one method for solution in that process, he progressively extended the range of designing and thinking.

Since he had started to shaping an idea of local information platform that change the people’s living experiences in the city, he has acquired web coding skills and developed prototypes. In January of 2015, he founded a start-up named Helloscape as a co-founder and CEO. Until the end of April of 2016, we had been developing prototypes of web product through trial and error.

Outputs for Solution

Depending on the projects, the outputs are optimized as solution by interlacing design of WEB, Product, Architecture and Urban Infrastructure.

Engine for Innovation

By balancing and interlocking three elements of Design, Technology and Business, the human-centered mindset as engine creates innovations for human.

Prototyping 0 to 1

Prototyping —with the seamless process from abstract ideation to tangible outputting by combining skills of web coding, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, photoshop and graphical designing— makes zero to one.